Well I imagined my very first ever blog post to be about myself & how I got here, what I do & why I do it. 

But alas, the Greater Powers that Be I truly believe had different plans for me. What better topic for a first post the to be that of life... more specific, the beginning of life. 

Don't worry, you will still learn a little about myself, who I am & what I love & think during our journey together. 

I am married to a veterinarian. An exceptional man I find to be kind & funny, but at time unbearably stubborn! As a doctor of creatures, especially our beloved fur babies, I consider his traits appropriately fitting. 

Tonight he was presented with a momma stray, pregnant, malnourished, & had already birthed two still born pups prior to her arrival at his clinic. Her x-rays revealed six more pups, but assumptions for their survival were realistically grim, although hopes remained high. 

Momma didn't have a loving family anxiously waiting in the lobby or by a phone for news of her & her pups survival. Rather, she came to know the undying & endless love her doctor & technicians who worked so quick & diligently on her, the type of care each & every animal are bestowed within these walls. 

Once under anesthesia, my husband & staff worked quickly to get to those pups. With several technicians standing by, he began delivering one after the next, handing them off to be vigorously revived.

If you have never experienced a situation such as this, like myself, you hold your breath. It's not like the movies where a baby starts wailing in the delivery room. There's a stillness of anticipation. You hear the beeping of the heart monitor, the inhale & exhale of the oxygen (sounds soothing to an operating room, a rhythm satisfying to the subconscious) & you watch as pup after pup is handed off into a clean towel with hands poised & insisting of life. 

Then you hear it! An agonizing seconds to minutes, but you finally hear those tiny wails & squeals of a new born pup searching for the comfort of his momma! 

All six pups, & including momma, survived. 

Can you imagine!?

One moment, you are about to start a new little family, probably in a state of panic, only to be interrupted & picked up by someone you have no idea is only doing his or her best to help you & save you from a potentially grim fate; to be delivered into a room filled with strangers all touching & poking you; but you're exhausted & the warmth of their touch is the most comforting affection you've felt for as far back as you can remember; you feel tired, heavy, falling asleep too fast for so much work left to be done, maybe start to panic at the loss of control; only to wake up in warm blankets with your new pups tucked in with you... 

Can you imagine!?

Too often the work of veterinary medicine is faced with sad cases, difficult decisions, & death that one can forget what good is left in the day to day work. 

But it is times like these, a race against the clock & the successful outcome of new & sustained life that puts the smile back on your face & fire back in your heart. 

It renews a passion for the course & refills his compassion so that it may be distributed, given, & dispensed unto others next in line, the creature in the exam room next door, or even your beloved fur baby. 



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